What is interactive white paper and how to use them in your strategy

What is interactive white paper and how to use them in your strategy

Content Marketing is a strategy that has been helping many companies to increase market share and authority, in addition to educating the market about their product or services. 

Within a marketing plan, you can use various materials at different stages of the sales funnel. The most popular are ebooks, infographics, videos, and blog posts.

White papers represent another relevant type of content but have been losing space over time. 

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Despite having the power to inform the reader about more complex subjects, it’s still under-used in marketing, except for more sophisticated strategies.

However, the advent of the interactive white paper has brought back this type of format, enabling several benefits to a marketing and sales strategy.

Learn the advantages and how to extract the best of the interactive white papers for your strategy in this article. We’ll cover the following points:

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What is an interactive white paper?

To understand what an interactive white paper is, you first must know what a static white paper is.

Think of a material offering advanced content on a subject, including a compilation of the problems and their respective solutions. That’s a white paper.

The interactive white paper is then a format of interactive content that raises the causes and solves a problem, engaging the reader through interactions. 

In other words, the material only progresses if the user gets involved.

It’s important to remember that a white paper delivers content generally in a more technical language and more in-depth than other materials, such as ebooks and infographics. Perhaps because of this, it’s less popular than they are.

Another reason for the reduced use is its main goal: to rescue prospects that have already accessed some content from the decision stage and, for some reason, have not gone ahead.

Also, it eventually helps to rescue people who were once customers of the company but did not continue.

The interactive white paper is a way to warm up those contacts again and generate qualified leads (SQLs) for the sales team.


What are the benefits of this interactive content format?

Many marketing professionals considered the static white paper to be “too boring” precisely because of its denser properties. 

The interactive version allows for much better audience experience.

survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute found that 87% of marketers agree that interactive content, of any format, captures the reader’s attention better than static content.

More importantly, 77% of these professionals believe that interactive content can increase the company’s visibility, generating repeated visitors, and increasing access to different materials.

Since the main objective is precisely to capture that audience that accesses different content, especially at the decision stage, the interactive white paper may be exactly what you need to increase the leads and sales created by your content strategy.

According to the same research, 50% of marketing professionals believe that white papers perform better when inserted in the middle of the funnel. The other 35% believe it is better at the top of the funnel, and 15% at the bottom of the funnel.


How can they be used in a content strategy?

To illustrate how you can incorporate the white paper into your Digital Marketing strategy, we’ve separated some interesting examples of using this material. 

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Dun & Bradstreet

The company created an interactive white paper showing the role of data in building marketing campaigns and improving relationships with consumers.


The company used an interactive white paper to find new ways to engage its audience on a complex project.

Nowadays, it’s pretty simple to make a white paper. If your marketing strategy is well designed, you have everything to generate more leads and sales. 

The first step is to define the topic, which must be relevant to the buyer persona, always considering the current stage of the buying journey.

Then, elaborate the content, following the principles of a white paper: it must deliver a definitive solution to the audience, expose the causes of a problem, and get deep into how to solve it.

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