10 techniques to increase your blog traffic in 2022

10 techniques to increase your blog traffic in 2020

Increase blog traffic is the key to Content Marketing. Good content can engage, but it needs to be in the spotlight to be seen.

Attracting a qualified audience is the key to get better results.

There is no formula to generate more attraction. It is necessary to apply a continuous work full of efforts since there are several ways to make your content more visible and attractive.

First of all, it is necessary to think about what the audience wants. If your content strategy can offer that, the chances of attracting more traffic increase a lot.

In addition to this adaptation to audience expectations, it is essential to work on the technical part. Good social media publicity, combined with optimization for Google, provides excellent results.

From the technical to the strategic part, there are some good ways to increase blog traffic. In this post, we will present the top 10 techniques to achieve this in 2022. 

Keep reading and check them out!

1. Set a good keyword research

Keywords are of great importance for content strategies. These terms indicate what your audience has been searching for on Google.

semrush example

Of course, if there is a search, there is interest. From that, writing posts that include these keywords is a direct way to reach users.

It is essential to perform a search to find out what these keywords are. You can do this research using tools such as:

Always try to understand the variations of keywords as well. This effort will help to create greater content that can attract traffic.

Do not forget that you should always explore keywords that make sense for your strategy. 

Otherwise, Google can reduce the ranking of your content. It is essential to deliver posts related to your segment.

2. Optimize your content for Google

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is definitely a great tool to increase blog traffic. This is the technical part of the work, as essential as the efforts to create good content. Without optimization, it is impossible to maximize results.

First of all, it is crucial to understand what are the most important SEO parameters, such as on-page and off-page SEO. With this understood, you must apply them to your content strategy.

The more content is optimized, the higher are the chances to be well-positioned in the SERP. This way, there is greater visibility when a user performs a Google search.

Optimization is a continuous job. Therefore, define a blog monitoring routine to keep it always in line with what the SEO parameters require.

You have to do the same with the contents. Write them always respecting Google optimization standards, like the basics:

3. Use optimized images and videos in your content

Images and videos are essential to make your content richer and more enjoyable. Users are much more likely to engage with a post if there is that visual attraction.

When it comes to SEO, it’s also important to ensure that these media are optimized to increase blog traffic in general.

As for images, they need to follow some basic parameters to be optimized. So, focus on:

  • use file names that describe the images;
  • use subtitles that complement the content and contain keywords;
  • use an alt text description;
  • limit images to sizes like 16:9 or 4:3;
  • reduce the size of the images.

Videos can also have great value in their content. It is estimated that by 2022 this content will be more than 82% of total web traffic.

So if you want to take a slice of this pie, it’s crucial to optimize your videos with simple adjustments such as:

  • use attractive thumbnails (they will appear on the SERP and generate the click on your link);
  • use keywords in videos title;
  • use keywords in the video subtitle or description.

4. Create live experiences

Live streaming industry has grown 99% from April 2019 to April 2020. Such a representative number helps to highlight how much this format can engage.

Users are looking for experiences that bring something unique and unmissable, just what live experiences can deliver. Also, in most of them, it is possible to interact in some way.

That’s why exploring this market is to ensure that your blog will have high traffic that generates engagement, thanks to the interactions.

Whenever you have ideas of live experiences, think if they are truly relevant. Your audience wants to be part of something that generates real value, besides allowing interaction.

Among the main formats that can be explored are:

live experience guide

5. Produce Interactive content

Interactive content is an excellent strategy to increase blog traffic. People are always looking for content in which they can be more involved than in the consumer position.

Most of this content is fun, even those who are informative. This interactive format is a great way to deliver value with a high engagement level.

Interactions themselves are already much more attractive, which makes the traffic for the content grow.

Potential results also depend on the creativity level of the content. It is essential to deliver relevant material within the blog segment.

With interactive content, it is possible to inform, teach, and generate value through tools that provide some help to the user. 

Here are some examples of the main types of interactive content:

A popular and easy type of interactive content is the ROI calculator:

Made with Ion

6. Create newsletters

Newsletters are great tools for delivering content on a frequent schedule. Users who are subscribed to this list can get all material published in the blog, besides exclusive content.

Consequently, if there is something that interests them in the emails delivered, there is direct traffic to the blog. For this to happen, you need to invest in planning.

The newsletter should be frequent, delivered on specific days of the week.

Especially when the contents are good, your audience subscribed to the list will expect the email delivery.

An appropriate strategy should ensure that the newsletter works well, fulfilling what was promised when the subscription was requested. This way, the increase in traffic to the blog becomes something common.

7. Use a strategic approach

We’re talking about Digital Marketing funnel. Its audience is diverse, made up of people who already know your product or service, and those who have just reached the blog.

It is always important to think about all stages of the funnel when developing a content strategy. This way, you will attract large traffic, that is, people at different stages.

An editorial calendar is a key to this. It allows you to define the planning of contents to produce and publish.

With this strategic approach, you can increase blog traffic, nourish these leads and make them convert. For this, it is essential to think about content for all stages of the funnel.

8. Use eye-catching headlines

Good headlines make the user want to read the content. Therefore, the more eye-catching it is, the higher are the chances of being chosen in SERP.

The first parameter to be applied to this headline is the keyword. This is what will ensure that your content will be highlighted in the SERP, with greater chances of being accessed.

With this done, you need to think of a catchy approach that generates the willingness to consume the content.

Some of the strategies for an eye-catching headline are:

  • offer the resolution of a problem;
  • use lists (like this content you’re reading!);
  • make an audacious promise (and fulfill it);
  • be objective about what the content will present;
  • use trigger words (“what”, “how”, “why”, among others).

9. Promote your posts around social media channels

Google is not the only source of traffic to your blog. As much as it is the main one, others are qualified as well, like social media channels.

Your blog can’t be your only webspace. You certainly have profiles on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so you need to know how to use them to promote your content.

Make sure that whenever something new is posted, that content will also be posted on social media. So, besides Google traffic, you also attract those who follow your profiles on these platforms.

10. Create a good backlink strategy

Backlinks are a great help to increase blog traffic, and the reason is simple: they bring people interested in your content and who may become future returning visitors.

Backlinks are links to your content distributed in other blogs from the same market segment. Backlinks must be placed on websites with authority.

When a user reads a qualified content and sees your link, greater chances are to visit your page. Thus, easily, your qualified traffic is increased.

It is essential to establish a partnership with other blogs with high traffic and that are authorities in the area. This is what will ensure the increase of traffic to your content.

There is no doubt about how important it is to work to increase blog traffic. In this content, you could understand that this job is made of strategic efforts. With these 10 techniques, it is possible to achieve outstanding results.

As we mentioned in the list, interactive content has a high capacity to attract traffic. Download our guide on the subject and take your strategy to the next level! 

Interactive Content Guide - Promotional Banner

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