How to increase traffic through promotion

Don’t even get me started on the internet. I love it – I really do. But as a digital journalist, I often find myself discouraged and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content available. “Why would anyone want to read my work, given how many other options are out there?” Well:

Stuart’s point may be a tad trite but it warrants a reminder from time to time: you create amazing content and people deserve to find it! But how can you increase your reach? Promotion! Below are a few tips on how to help promote your events.

Real-time content

By choosing Rock Content to produce your real-time content, you’re already increasing your SEO and therefore your online prominence. Search engines prefer original content on white labels that is constantly updated, so incorporating us into your editorial calendar is a sure-fire way to drive traffic to your site.

Get started early

The more time you have time to promote your event, the more viewers you’re bound to get. And the longer an event is listed, the more chances search engines have to index your page and increase your SEO. We’ve set up an email notification system that allows readers to receive a note whenever your event goes live. You can also schedule social updates in advance of an event to whet your audience’s appetite.

Social Reach

Branch out and access all possible social media outlets. You can post something to your event while simultaneously tweeting it out which can help bring die-hard Twitter users to your page.  You can also connect your event to your Facebook fan page. Hosting a live chat with a financial analyst? Find relevant professional groups through LinkedIn and promote it there.

Multiple locations

Treat real-time coverage of an event just like a regular story– because it is. Drive traffic to your events by placing a permanent embed on your homepage to provide updates on all the real-time events you’re currently running.

Syndication Marketplace

Since you’re producing quality content, consider syndicating your events. By placing them in the Syndication Marketplace, you can enable other users to host your content on their page, thereby increasing your brand’s reach across the internet.

Second Screen

If you’re covering an event on television, create a second-screen experience by providing additional, real-time content your viewers can follow along with. CityTV augments episodes of The Bachelor with live chats, further engaging their loyal audience.

Don’t forget the basics

It can be easy to get caught up in the razzle-dazzle of digital promotion, but people still read email blasts and newsletters so include information on your real-time events anywhere a pair of interested eyes might land.

Keep us in the loop

Email us at [email protected] and let us know all the fantastic events you’re running. We are constantly impressed by the fantastic coverage being created on our platform and love to promote our clients.


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