6 Digital Marketing examples to inspire your strategy

6 Digital Marketing examples to inspire your strategy

There is no denying: Digital Marketing is a must-have strategy for a business to be successful today. We are sure you know that. But it is also a really broad concept, with a lot of different tools and approaches to turn theory into actions.

How can you use it in a way that amazes your audience and makes sense to your brand — all of that while fitting into your budget?

The best way to find that answer is to look at the cases that worked and understanding why they did.

To help you with that part, we listed 6 great Digital Marketing examples to inspire and learn.

Let’s take a look!

    1. American Express and the building of authority

    AMEX blog

    Creating great content aimed at a specific target (your buyer persona) is the best strategy when you want to build authority. But what does that word really mean in a Digital Marketing context?

    When a brand is recognized as an authority, it means a good amount of people go after it for reliable and trustworthy information on a determined topic.

    That was the image AMEX wanted to build when they kickstarted a big Content Marketing campaign with a site called Open Forum — now Trends and Insights.

    The idea was to give relevant information and help the public with all matters related to their corporate solutions: financial news, trends for businesses, tips for marketing, sales, productivity, and cash flow.

    The results were as successful as they planned. With the constant flow of articles and posts, the website became a reference for entrepreneurs starting their businesses and growing bigger.

    But the real secret behind AMEX’s case is in borrowing the authority from those who already have it.

    A Content Marketing strategy can be done solely in-house, but the company chose to go after industry leaders and well-known names to contribute with their insights and lessons.

    So why not do it too? Inviting professionals with a name in your area is a great idea to attract more leads and stick with them as a brand with authority — thus creating an important relationship with influencers.

    2. Airbnb and the focus on user content

    post on Airbnb social media

    Specialized articles are great for creating authority, but there’s another strategy that is perfect for brand awareness, engagement with the public and generating leads organically. We are talking, of course, about user-made content.

    Airbnb is a company that fully embraced this Digital Marketing channel by allowing all users to share their travel experiences on all platforms and social media.

    But they went even further. What is the perfect content for a hotel business? Tourism, obviously. So Airbnb started to promote and encourage videos, photos and travel guides created by owners and clients.

    The visual part of it is really important. Instagram is an important channel for the company because it resonates with what their audience wants.

    And nothing stops you from doing the same. Give incentives and promote the content your leads and clients are creating that makes sense to your business. Let them be part of your brand image.

    3. Lyft and the need for creating promoters

    A great accomplishment in Digital Marketing is turning clients into promoters. It’s making your user base find more leads for you.

    This is usually achievable by creating loyalty programs or giving special conditions in exchange. It is a way to encourage and spread word-of-mouth advertising.

    It is exactly what Lyft did and it worked. Even competing with a greater player on the market, the rideshare app found its space offerings incentives like free rides for the users who were referring the service to their friends and family.

    When this strategy is tied to a brand focused on delivering excellence, it becomes a lead generation powerhouse.

    There’s nothing more convincing to us than being recommended service by someone we trust and then having our expectations met. How about trying that too?

    4. Domino’s and the embrace of new technologies

    domino's new technologie

    Among these Digital Marketing examples, Domino’s is a good case to understand how knowing new technologies and acting fast can pay out.

    Domino’s Anyware is a tool focused not on the product itself, but how you order it. The software (available on multiple platforms) is voice-activated, tied with an AI capable of interpreting and understanding what you want.

    It improved sales, for sure, but the biggest return from this strategy is in brand image.

    Being known as a company that embraces and pushes technology is a big advantage especially among younger crowds.

    5. Sephora and the omnichannel path

    sephora brow finder quiz

    Sephora is seen in the market today as one of the big players in the Digital Marketing field. That’s not because of any specific strategy, but how they managed to have a huge online presence overall.

    The company’s focus is on being wherever its audience is. Social media, of course, has a big role, as the products have a great visual appeal.

    The result is what is called shoppable experiences — rich content like a tutorial in a video that ties valuable information to direct advertising or an interactive quiz that shows the best product for you.

    And there’s more. Sephora goes all-in on omnichannel. They sell on Instagram, they have a great user experience on their website and they even explore geolocated ads for their shops. It is a great example of knowing your persona, being available and creating customer loyalty.

    6. Slack and the focus on solutions


    Slack is our last case and one which shows that Digital Marketing efforts don’t end when the lead is converted.

    Slack is a team collaboration tool for enterprises, no matter their size or configuration. It is a complete and flexible platform focused on productivity and decision making.

    If your business delivers a service as they do, you need to understand that you are not selling a product, but a solution.

    This is the insight that built Slack’s support around user experience. They have a specialized team that responds to thousands of tickets every day, helping their base not only to use the technology but to do more with it.

    The proximity with active clients results in loyalty. And loyalty is key to the market’s future.

    In the cases we presented here, you saw strategies to attract, build a brand image, turn clients into promoters and improving retention.

    The bottom line then is clear: embracing the internet with great ideas and great content can help your visibility in multiple ways. We hope that these Digital Marketing examples can inspire you from now on.

    Are you still trying to understand the power of Digital Marketing? Then check our content with the importance of this strategy for business!


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