20% More Clients — With Quick Start Chat Buttons

Business communication with users is essential to a company’s image and customer loyalty

Previously, quality communication was ensured by hiring highly professional managers. However, modern technology simplifies everything.

The advancement of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing makes it possible to automate many tasks

Now programs can provide communication. Moreover, any business can take advantage of such a solution. And this article is devoted to this.

What Is a Chatbot?

Chatbots are programs based on artificial intelligence. They can communicate with users by simulating a conversation. 

In doing so, the program uses natural human language. 

A conversation or chat with a user can take place through a phone, messenger, mobile application, etc.

Chatbots are amazing in their capabilities. However, strictly speaking, they are just an improved system for answering user questions. 

One of the foundations of its functioning is natural language processing (NLP) technology. It is thanks to her that they are formulated.

There are two types of chatbots: declarative and conversational.

The former is created to perform specific tasks. For example, answer frequently asked questions. 

If users are regularly interested in the company’s work schedule or ordering procedure, then a declarative chatbot is perfect. 

Using NLP and a small amount of machine learning, the program generates automated responses.

Conversational chatbots are data-driven programs that can predict. In fact, it is a virtual assistant. They are many times more interactive, more complex, and personalized than their counterparts. In addition to natural language processing and machine learning, natural language understanding technology (NLU) is used. 

This combination allows the program to learn the user. Virtual assistants can provide personalized recommendations based on a person’s profile and behavior. 

They can also initiate a conversation and anticipate needs.

According to research, 52% of consumers are more likely to contact a company that has live chat support. Therefore, today it is a priority tool for business.

Advantages of Messenger Bots for Business

  1. Reduced number of abandoned carts.
  2. Optimization of advertising campaigns and targeting.
  3. Email marketing automation.
  4. Marketing research (including A/B testing);
  5. Optimization of search queries on the site.

How Do Chat Buttons Increase Clients?

The presence of a chat button greatly simplifies communication, making it accessible to users. The quality of service is improving. With a button, users take fewer steps to find out the information they are interested in. Also provided:

  • reduced response time;
  • reducing the number of calls and emails;
  • purchase support;
  • consultations before making a purchase;
  • responding to negative reviews.

How Do Messenger Bots Boost Business?

Improved service

Chatbots work seven days a week. Perhaps this is one of the main advantages. 

Regardless of when the user contacts the company, the program will instantly respond. This eliminates the need for waiting, and provides high-quality service that meets customer expectations.

Cost reduction

By performing tasks that are often entrusted to employees, chatbots eliminate the need to hire a specialist. Plus, the programs reduce the cost of customer acquisition. 

They can independently segment the target audience, generate personalized offers, support cross-selling, and make promotional mailings.

Increase in conversions

Chatbots collect, store, and analyze colossal amounts of data. They have access to information about user behavior on the site. 

Add to that the ability to ask leading questions and training, and you have the most personalized experience.

Maximum audience reach

Chatbots are programs. Therefore, they interact with each site visitor. Each question gets the most prompt and clear answer. 

With omnichannel marketing, chatbots deliver consistently high-quality service across all platforms.

How to Create a Messenger Bot?

Building a quality chatbot often requires programming skills. Therefore, many companies hire specialists. However, due to the demand for bots in Messenger, today, there are various services that simplify the creation of a chatbot. 

For example, Chatfuel, with it the sequence of actions is as follows:

1. Register with the service using your Facebook account. Pages will be pulled up, which can later be integrated with the social network. In the configurations, the bot can be linked to a Facebook page.

2. You will see bots templates that are not needed at the moment. Choose to build from scratch.

3. The first point is the structure of the chatbot divided into sections:

  • Setup AI: setting the rules of responses (specify a word, if present in the message, an automatic response will pop up);
  • Broadcast: mailing concerning the conditions of interaction with the chatbot;
  • People: user statistics;
  • Default message: default message;
  • Automate: blocks with specified answers that can be linked together.

4. The next step is to enter the answer options. The main identifier is the button color. If it is red, then it provides for the transition further. It can be sent to the next block, redirected by link, or allowed to call.

5. Create the next block, for example, about services. Link it to some of the previously created ones. To do this, select the appropriate block as the response that pops up when the button is pressed. So a person will choose “Services” and then go to the next item with a description of those.

Similarly, the dialogue expands as much as necessary. It is enough to add branches and answer options.

Tips for Using a Messenger Bot

Increasing awareness 

With the help of a bot, you can automate informing visitors about the company. For example, a story about the company’s activities. 

This will speed up the transition from cold to warm users. New followers are welcome. For a chatbot, this is a trifle, but customers will be pleased.

Promote visits to the product page

The previous point helps to warm up the audience. You can then direct them to product pages. 

However, it is important to do this unobtrusively and naturally. Otherwise, you will alienate the client.

Increased lifetime value

Through dedicated mailings, companies can increase customer engagement and loyalty. 

Ultimately, this will increase the likelihood of conversions and lifetime value. For example, try communicating news that might be of interest to customers.


Chatbots are a modern technology that solves the most important business problems. 

Moreover, it is stable and consistently high quality. This is the main reason for its popularity. 

We hope the above guide will inspire you to integrate technology into your existing business. 

After all, it only takes a little time and improvements for the company’s communication with customers to reach a qualitatively new level.

Written by Zumvu.


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