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Learn how Dell created more than 1k platform Landing Pages with Ion and interactive microsites

Ion: A Key Catalyst to Dell’s Global Market Success. With Ion they could skyrocket landing pages scalability and make it global. Continue reading to learn how Dell have created more than 1k platform Landing Pages with Ion and interactive microsites for specific million-dollar budgeted campaigns.


increase of Sales opportunities

10X increase the number of Sales opportunities in two years.


more conversions

78% more conversions than the previous landing pages in only 2 weeks.


less time to produce

The creation and optimization process that used to take Dell eight weeks now takes two to four days with Ion.

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Dell is a multinational technology corporation that provides technology solutions, services and support. For 30 years, Dell has empowered countries, communities, customers and people everywhere to use technology to realize their dreams.






Dell’s Business Digital Marketing team needed a better way to create and globalize custom online lead generation pages. Prior to adopting Ion, each new landing page was a multi-faceted project that required several hand-offs: First, Dell would create an IT roadmap, then work with a design team, provide the schematics, get the page coded, and finally transcribe or translate individual pages for each language or region included in the campaign. On average, it took about six to eight weeks to customize and globalize a lead generation form. As a result, the opportunity for the campaign often passed before the form was fully globalized.


Dell began using Ion’s platform for their lead capture forms in September 2010. They started with the page templates that are included within the platform, but it wasn’t long before they realized how easy it was for them to create and test their own custom templates without coding or help from IT.

Not only did it take less time, but also Dell was able to speed up the globalization process by giving the regional marketing managers access to the Ion platform. After a page was created in one country, the other regional managers could simply sign in, copy and translate the existing lead gen form, and further customize the page for their particular region.

Dell Senior Manager of Business Digital Marketing, Josh Mueller, explained that one of the greatest benefits of using the platform has been the decrease in production time, “I can literally have my team here in the States put up a page, email it to my team members in Japan, China, France and Germany and then a couple days later it’s localized and out on the web.”

[ion’s platform] was a key enabler in our online lead gen strategy that resulted in a 10X increase in opportunities for our sales teams in a two year timeframe.

Josh MuellerSenior Manager of Business Digital MarketingDell


The creation and optimization process that used to take Dell six to eight weeks now takes two to four days with Ion.

At first, Dell was only sending traffic to platform pages. However, when their first platform page produced a 78% lift in conversions after only two weeks, they couldn’t wait to do more. Dell now has well over 1,000 platform pages running on, in their communities and on third-party properties globally—serving everything from gated whitepapers and videos to basic contact forms.

The results that Dell saw in their first two weeks using Ion haven’t slowed down. By using the Ion platform to further test and optimize their lead generation pages, Dell has seen basic contact form completions rise 50% and on their dedicated landing pages they’ve seen increases as high as 300%.

Needless to say, the other Dell divisions have caught on, and the Ion platform is now employed by multiple divisions throughout the company.

“Know your customer experience intimately and don’t be afraid to challenge what currently works; and even if it works well, never stop asking yourself how you can make that experience better.”


Dell plans to create even smarter forms by integrating Ion with Demandbase.

Using Ion’s hidden form fields and respondent information from Demandbase, the platform will then automatically customize forms and landing pages based on the user. If, for example, a web hit arrives from an IP address that is associated with a company in the healthcare industry, Ion’s platform can automatically show a form customized for that industry.

Dell is also integrating Ion with Eloqua. After a customer’s online behavioral data captured on a platform page, it can be reliably shared with Eloqua, enhancing the profile of the customer and driving appropriate communication between Dell and the online visitor.


When Dell acquires companies, they acquire their marketing systems and everything that they’ve been doing. One significant benefit of using Ion’s platform for Dell is how easily it integrates with other software platforms. Dell is using Ion to bring everything together.

Dell’s projects within Ion’s platform aren’t limited to simple pages and forms. They have launched numerous campaign-specific microsites including one for a large multi-million dollar US brand campaign.

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