What is a good landing page conversion rate and how to increase your numbers

What is a good landing page conversion rate and how to increase your numbers

You probably know the importance of analyzing how well you’re turning visitors into customers. 

However, how to measure the conversions of your landing page?

To check if results are satisfying, you first need to know what exactly is a good landing page conversion rate.

By checking other companies’ performance, you can understand if there’s room to grow. Then, it’s time to create strategies to increase your rate.

If you want to know more about landing page conversion rates and see techniques to grow this number, keep reading!

This article will go over:

What is a good landing page conversion rate?

We can say that a good number for that is relative. After all, it depends on the industry, the product or service, the kind of customer, and the search intent.

If we have a more urgent need, like when a person is seeking health care, the intent is clear: when searching for something, they are ready to take action and buy.

So, in this case, we usually see higher conversion rates since the user’s intention doesn’t affect their journey.

However, in other scenarios, we find lower numbers because people have more to discover when they arrive at a landing page.

unbounce research on landing pages
Source: Unbounce

However, to give you a straight answer, a good landing page conversion rate would be from 2.6% to 6.1%, according to Unbounce. The average rate is 4.02%.

Such a number differs depending on who’s doing the research, as you can see below.

wordstream research on landing pages
Source: WordStream

WordStream, for instance, indicates an average rate of 2.35%, considering all industries. For them, a good range would be from 2% to 5%.

Even so, their study presents many businesses above the average, converting way more than that. The top 25% reached 5.31%, and the top 10% went as high as 11.45%. 

wordstream research on landing pages
Source: WordStream

Let’s keep analyzing then. Klaviyo did extensive research on different industries to specify a number for all of them. Some of the results are as follows:

  • Arts & Crafts: 3%;
  • Automobile & Parts: 1%;
  • Toys & Games: 2%;
  • Media & Entertainment: 1%.

So, what do we learn with all this? 

That you should look at the numbers of your market. Think of it as a benchmark strategy and try to take advantage of that.

After you’ve checked, compare it to your numbers and see if you’re doing well or not.

In case you’re not there yet, don’t worry. We’re about to give you some precious tips on how to increase the conversion rate of your landing pages. 

How to increase conversion?

There are many tips out there to help you optimize your landing page. We’re going to focus on the most useful and effective ones.

Reduce distractions and visual noise

Make your landing page clear, concise, and specific

That doesn’t necessarily mean it should be short, but it should be as large as it needs to be. Everything has to fit perfectly into your objective.

When you indicate too many directions at once, users may feel confused. They don’t know what to do and what they will get in return if they give you their data.

If that happens, you have failed to communicate about your solution and effectively position the brand in people’s minds

Once you clean the page, it becomes efficient. Thus, users will have a better experience and understand why the landing page is there.

Create a great CTA

You will need a great CTA button. It should make the offer clear while avoiding some clichés we see a lot out there. 

Pay attention to elements such as the button’s color, its size, and the message itself.

The color should stand out to the user’s eyes. One great tip about this is to use contrast to other colors of the page.

Also, the button should be big enough to be noticed. As to the message, it’s crucial to specify what the user will get if they sign up and offer some value to attract them.

Use A/B tests

When it comes to landing pages, you may feel a bit confused because there is an infinite number of possibilities: many colors, compositions, formats of content, among others. So, to make this process more efficient, use A/B testing.

Such a technique allows you to run different versions of a landing page to analyze them in parallel. Then, you stick to the one that performs better.

Focus on a good copy

A landing page also involves copywriting, so don’t forget to write a good piece of content. If you’re wondering what good means in this context, we’ll give you the answer.

The content should employ best practices such as social proof, testimonials, and other strategies to show authority.

Also, take advantage of positive feelings, as well as a sense of urgency and exclusivity, to guide the users’ expectations.

Write to convince people that your business is efficient enough to solve their problems. If they see that other customers achieved great results, they will probably believe you. 

Use interactivity

An interactive landing page requires actions and choices from users while they’re reading the content and forms. As they participate, the content changes for them and becomes personalized, as in a conversation.

Thus, they never get bored since they engage with different information all the time. In this sense, you can use images, videosquizzes, GIFs, and many other formats to enrich your page and boost conversions.

Adding interactivity to a landing page is a way to make the buyer’s journey way more fun and natural. Customers who have a good experience feel motivated to go on and keep talking to your company.

Landing page conversion rates are relevant numbers to track when you’re working on a Digital Marketing strategy. As we’ve seen, the ideal rate depends on the industry, and it varies a lot.

However, if your brand aims to increase this number, you can use many strategies, such as interactivity. That is a way to avoid being ignored by users.

How about getting a better understanding of this subject? Check out our complete guide on interactive content!

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